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Our history

Nemesis ABC began in early 2000. The club formed when Tony Pettitt and coach Steve Roach developed a partnership through working with various kick boxers and fighters.

The two coaches originally went to a gym to help out, but as their classes became increasingly popular they decided to affiliate to the Amateur Boxing Association and become a legitimate amateur boxing club.

Nemesis first boxing season commenced in September 2000. It was then that, as Tony puts it, ‘the hard work began’. The two coaches went to every show they could to gain experience and learn as much as they could, passing whatever they learnt onto to their new and enthusiastic boxers. The club had to wait a while before they had any genuine recognition. But with a little patience their beginners became novices, their novices became open class and soon enough the club were winning their first South East titles.

In the years that have passed the club are proud to boast 4 international boxers including - Tony Pettit’s very own son Lewis, a popular featherweight who famously lost his first 13 bouts before becoming one of London’s most respected amateurs. Yasmin Rogers, a highly talented ABA champion who will look to box in the next world championships and Luke Gibb, a great junior who is now establishing himself as a top senior lightweight.
The club has also produced Junior ABA Champions and Finalists, NABC (CYP) Finalists, National Novice Champions and Golden Glove Champions.

When considering the clubs achievements and the quality if its boxers you would be fully justified in believing that Nemesis ABC is the best ‘new’ club in London. If you ask anyone at Nemesis they will be quick tell you this is largely down to the hard work of Tony Pettitt and Steve Roach.